Celebrity Big Brother house set for big shake up this weekend

Celebrity Big Brother

Fresh from Friday’s double eviction the Celebrity Big Brother house is set for a big shake up this weekend.


A new task will see the housemates split up as they enter a fairy tale land.

Big Brother will instruct the remaining celebs to order themselves from most evil to most good.

However they are unaware that those chosen as the most evil will become rulers of the house.

All the other housemates will have to wait on them hand on foot, whilst only being able to eat gruel with all other food from the house removed.

Then, the two evil housemates must nominate the three the most heartless and most brainless.

Tune in to Celebrity Big Brother from Sunday night for all the fallout.


The new twist follows Ekin-Su and Levi Roots getting the boot from the house on Friday.

Ekin-Su reacts to her Celebrity Big Brother eviction

The pair faced the public vote alongside David Potts, Louis Walsh and Fern Britton.

Speaking after her departure, Ekin-Su took aim at the show’s editing in an interview.

“You haven’t seen everything, they’ve cut stuff out… I’m just hurt that I wasn’t portrayed as myself on the show.” she claimed.

She was questioned by AJ Odudu and Will Best about her reaction to the face to face nominations.

Ekin-Su said of Marisha nominating her: “I was hurt by Marisha because I was really close with her. I think you should never judge a person on their past. I always saw her as a friend, I didn’t see her as a competitor as she did for me.”


Questioned on apparent hypocrisy over her nomination for Louis, Ekin-Su claimed that Louis had wanted to go home and she “felt sorry for him”.

She went on to say she hoped Louis would win the show.