Celebrity Big Brother first look as Louis Walsh ruffles feathers

David and Louis on Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother is back on Tuesday night with its first highlights show of the series, and tension is already brewing.

Last night we saw Sharon and Louis placing three of her fellow Housemates – Gary, David and Zeze – in the danger zone at risk of eviction.

This evening, it’s time for the pair to meet their Housemates for the first time. As they make their entrance to the lounge, the Housemates applaud them and it is time for introductions.

But it isn’t long before the conversation turns to Sharon’s decision, with the advice of Louis. Fern says to Sharon: “How could you have judged three of them out, straight away? Terrible!”

Louis comes face to face with Zeze Millz, she quizzes him, asking: “What was the criteria?”

Louis replies: “I’m not telling you, it was who we liked and didn’t like!” Adding that it was “On first impressions, I can’t say anymore.”

Zeze questions: “You didn’t like me on first impressions?”

Meanwhile, Fern and Ekin-Su are in the bathroom and Ekin-Su seeks her opportunity to ask her advice.

Opening up to Fern, she starts by saying: “People look up to me as this confident person, but I feel like there’s such a vulnerable side that I hide, that I don’t show to the public and it’s usually that side where I go home, I’ll do an appearance and then I’ll go home and I’ll cry.”

She adds: “It’s overwhelming to always be this strong role model to girls all the time.”

Fern urges Ekin to always be her authentic self, saying: “There will come a time in life when you will feel comfortable enough to open up.” Adding “Don’t hide bits of yourself.”

Elsewhere, sitting in the bedroom with Marisha, Sharon opens up about her life in LA and reveals she is going to be moving back to the UK from April, admitting “I miss it here, very very much.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on ITV1 and ITVX.

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