Queen Of Oz start date and all about new BBC TV show with Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate starring in a brand new BBC One comedy series.


Titled Queen Of Oz, the six-part series is co-written by Tate with Jeff Gutheim from an original idea by Tate and Borga Dorta.

A teaser shares: “Princess Georgiana (Tate) is the black sheep of a fictional British Royal Family. A PR disaster, she’s spent her spoilt, party-girl life plastered over the tabloids.

Catherine Tate as Queen Georgiana
Queen of Oz – Queen Georgiana (CATHERINE TATE). Credit: BBC/Lorenzo Agius

“On the back of her latest scandal her father, the King, makes the unprecedented move of abdicating his Australian throne in favour of his daughter. It is hoped that giving her some real responsibility will finally be the making of her – and if it isn’t, at least shipping her off keeps her 10,000 miles away from London.

“Accompanied by a useless entourage, Queen Georgiana of Australia goes kicking and screaming to a country she has zero interest in beyond the Hemsworth Brothers.”

The show will air on BBC One and iPlayer from Friday, 16 June at 9:30PM.

A synopsis of the opening episode reads: “Princess Georgiana (Georgie) is the spare to the British throne but her party girl lifestyle and constant public scandals threaten the monarchy’s future.

“In an effort to get her as far away from London as possible, and at the same time, hoping to prevent Australia from leaving the Commonwealth, Georgie’s parents send her off to Australia to become their Queen, along with her new staff – Director of Communications Zoe, Private Secretary Bernard, Head of Security Officer Marc, Personal Assistant Matthew, Lady In Waiting Anabel, Master of the Household Weiwei.

“A welcome reception is Georgie’s first public appearance in Australia – where an offensive faux pas from the jetlagged new Queen makes the night go from bad to worse.”


Jon Petrie, Director of BBC Comedy, said: “It’s time to roll out the red carpet. And hang up the bunting again. We’re excited to have the multi-award-winning Catherine Tate back making another comedy for the BBC.

“Her work has been enjoyed by millions over the years and we look forward to working with her on another hit for us.”