Caroline Flack teases upcoming ‘drama week’ on Love Island

Caroline Flack has teased a week of drama awaits the Love Island contestants.


Last night’s episode saw the latest Love Island results as one girl was dumped from the villa following a major recoupling.

But that was just the start of what Love Island host Caroline has dubbed ‘drama week’.

Appearing on Love Island: The Morning After podcast today on Monday, Caroline told podcast hosts Arielle Free and Kem Cetinay: “[This] week is gonna be drama week… Drama for me is just the testing of the relationship, so it is good to see. That’s the whole point is just testing the relationships.”

She added: “So when I say drama I don’t mean screaming and shouting and arguing and that kind of stuff, it’s the decisions they [the Islanders] have to make, I like all that.”

It was recently rumoured that Love Island bosses could be about to drop a huge twist with up to TWELVE new Islanders and a second villa.

However as yet ITV has not officially confirmed any details about its plans.


Meanwhile, Caroline has given her say on the current couples.

On Michael and Amber, Caroline said: “When I was in the villa, I felt love, like steam, coming off them… But they need to be tested. They do like all the couples. They can’t just sort of roam in and win and just stay in the back, on a back-burner, somethings gotta happen, right?”

And on Curtis, currently coupled up with Amy, Caroline added: “He says all the right things doesn’t he Curtis. He’s almost too good to be true… He gets himself into a situation but he fixes it.

“You know when you want your boyfriend to come and fix it, come and sort it out, don’t moan about it? He fixes it every time, he’s brilliant.”

On Maura, Caroline told Kem: “I love her… When I go into the villa, I don’t get to speak. You know what it’s like, I don’t get any one-on-one time and I don’t get to speak to [the Islanders].


“But I do get a sense of everything and she’s so friendly and she’s the first person to come up to you and say ‘hello.’ She’s funny, she’s very quick-witted and she’s just nice, she’s a nice girl.”

A fresh episode of ‘Love Island: The Morning After’ is available the morning after each show (Monday – Saturday) hosted by Kem Cetinay and Arielle Free on all podcast platforms.