Britain’s Got Talent’s Gruffydd Wyn Roberts ‘feeling the pressure’ after golden buzzer

Britain’s Got Talent’s Gruffydd Wyn Roberts admits he’s feeling the pressure for the live shows.


Gruffydd is a 22-Year-old from Amlwch on the Isle-of-Anglesey in North Wales who lives with his Nan.

Appearing on Saturday’s show, Gruff admitted he would never have “plucked up the courage” to try BGT if it wasn’t for his enthusiastic brother and mates. However, the opera singer’s nerves were quickly exposed on stage when Simon asked about his complicated living situation, leaving him stuttering.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Simon then interrupted Gruff’s first performance, ‘Un Giorno Per Noi’. “You’re very nervous, this was very cold and mechanical,” he said.

After a mouthful of water, Gruff began his second song, ‘Nessun Dorma’. As he hit the big notes, the audience rewarded him with a standing ovation. Amid the raucous applause, Amanda hit the Golden Buzzer.

“When you were ten and Paul Potts auditioned for this show, he blew us away with that song,” Amanda recalled. “You just did the same.”

With his golden buzzer, Gruffydd is through to the live shows and he admits the pressure is already on.


He said this week: “There are only five people in the whole country each year that get given a Golden Buzzer – that’s an achievement, and I’m definitely feeling the pressure to perform well for everybody and make Amanda proud again.”

Speaking to Radio Times about being compared to Series 1 winner Paul Potts, Gruffydd said: “I remember his audition very well. It was amazing.

“I’ve been trying to master the song for a while now and it’s become a piece that I do when I’ve had a few pints on the karaoke, so I just thought, ‘Why not put it on the big stage and see how it goes down?’ Obviously it went down pretty well.”

Now in the live shows, Gruffydd added: “I’m looking forward to it and it’s going to be very, very nerve-racking again but I think I’ll be alright.

“I’m rehearsing a lot at the moment and I’m just taking every day as it comes, really, just enjoying it and going with the flow. Because that’s all I can do, really.”


Britain’s Got Talent continues Saturday nights on ITV.

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