Britain’s Got Talent spoilers! Five acts to watch out for this year

Britain’s Got Talent 2020 begins this Saturday and here are some of the acts that await us.


Ahead of the first round of auditions, the judges have been teasing what’s to come from the series.

From choirs and dance acts, to a dog act like no other and a motorcyclist who left one of the judges yelping in fear, the Britain’s Got Talent judges have seen it all.

Here are just a handful of the acts to look out for this year…

The motorbike stunt act that gets David involved

A motorcyclist has David on stage as part of a very dangerous act – and he almost squashes the comedian’s crown jewels.

David Walliams
David Walliams

“It was quite scary because I had never seen that guy before. I mean, I’m assuming he’s good at what he does! I was told that I had to remain completely still so I couldn’t really see what was going on because all I could do is just stare up at the ceiling,” said David.

He revealed: “It was quite scary because I didn’t really know what he was doing but I just put my trust in the show that I wasn’t going to get hurt. I mean I just guessed that if the producers were up for it then there was a good chance he wasn’t going to hurt me.


“But I think those moments are good because it’s fun when one of us gets on the stage because it’s intense. I guess it was pleasurable for Simon to see me in danger!”


Simon’s golden buzzer

Simon gave his golden buzzer for 2020 on the very first day of filming. He said: “When you’re sitting there you can feel the audience reaction behind you and you just have to go with your gut feeling in a moment like that. You should never over think it regardless of whether it’s the first day or the last day of auditions.

“It just felt right and when I watched the audition it was even better than I first remembered. I think she’s a mini diva in the making, I really think she’s going to do great things off the back of this show.”


A dance act better than Diversity?

Shared Amanda Holden: “We have a group from India who were absolutely amazing. We hate having to refer back to Diversity because we sound like a broken record but for me, still, I can’t name any other dance crews who were as good or as imaginative as them, they’re the ones that have stood out and they’ve always stood out, and they’re the ones we’ve always measured everything else by.

“But these dancers I think I will remember for a long time, I honestly think they can compete with Diversity.”

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

The act too dangerous for Simon

Simon wanted to stop one act because it was simply too dangerous.

He explained: “I was bloody nervous because he had dynamite in his mouth and he was asking me to make a series of decisions. I was like, ‘What if this goes wrong?’ When I have thought something might actually go seriously wrong during an act I have stood up in the past and said, ‘You know what? We’re not continuing with this’.”


David’s golden buzzer

Alesha Dixon is tipping David Walliams’ golden buzzer to win the series.

She said: “I feel like David’s golden buzzer has got a really strong chance of winning. I would love an act like that to win because they, for me, are the heart and soul of this show. Everyone’s going to relate and connect to them, and I would love them to go all the way.”

David added: “There was something about the euphoria of them on the stage, that feeling I had is a very special feeling. You don’t feel that often. I think it’s good we choose different types of acts. If everyone’s got a comic or singer, it gets boring.”



Britain’s Got Talent 2020 begins Saturday, April 11 at 8PM on ITV.