Britain’s Got Talent’s masked magician X reveals his identity in live final

Who is Britain's Got Talent's msyerty masked magician X?

Britain’s Got Talent masked magician X has revealed his secret identity – but who is behind the mask?


The mystery BGT contestant named simply ‘X’ made it through to Sunday evening’s grand finale.

Throughout the series, X has kept their identity hidden, wearing a face mask and using voice overs to give instructions.

But in yesterday’s finale, X took off their disguise to reveal themselves as Marc Spelmann.

Magician Marc Spelmann first appeared on BGT last year where he was chosen as Ant and Dec’s golden buzzer. Marc was eliminated in the semi-finals of the 2018 series.

During their final performance, ‘X’ showcased a mindreading trick involving the word ‘Hope’ before revealing all about his past in a VT.


“It was always about hope and never giving up. It’s been an honour sharing X with you. I am X,” Marc said.

Simon Cowell remarked: “You’ve done something absolutely incredible. I’ve loved every minute of your act.”

Alesha Dixon commented: “This is the most surprised I’ve ever been on the show. What a surprise that was!”

“What a brilliant, brilliant, surprise,” reacted Amanda Holden.

“We didn’t have any idea who you were,” Ant and Dec said.

Marc commented after the live show: “I wanted to be behind a mask and if there was any success and if I went through, it would be because of the act.”

X first freaked out the Britain’s Got Talent judges at their audition where Ant and Dec were the centre of their performance.


The Geordie duo got involved with the mindbending performance in one of the ‘spookiest’ auditions ever.

The mentalist tested how in sync they were with each other, making Ant act as a voodoo doll for Dec, before they both drew the same picture without looking.

At the time, the mystery act prompted Ant to joke to Dec: “Imagine at the end they take off the mask and it’s someone we know. Like your wife.”

“Now that would be a shock!” laughed Dec.

Britain’s Got Talent airs on ITV.


Straight after each episode you can watch More Talent with Stephen Mulhern on ITV2.

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