Ofcom rejects 3,000 complaints about Britain’s Got Talent comedian Nabil Abdulrashid

Ofcom has rejected 3,000 complaints made about comedian Nabil Abdulrashid on Britain’s Got Talent.


Earlier this month saw the grand final of this year’s competition as ten acts went head to head.

One of the acts taking to the stage was 34 year old comedian Nabil Abdulrashid from Croydon who won Alesha Dixon’s golden buzzer in the auditions.

The stand up returned for the final with another set that left the judges in stitches.

However the routine also resulted in almost 3,000 complaints to TV watchdog Ofcom.

Today (October 26) they rejected the complaints, saying: “The comedian’s satirical take on his life experiences as a black Muslim was likely to have been within audience expectations.”

During his stand up set, Nabil took aim at 733 complaints that had been made about his semi-final performance the previous weekend.


He said: “They complained because we said black lives matter – thousands of complaints. To be honest I’m shocked that many of them know how to write.

“They sent in thousands of angry letters. Hopefully if I annoy them today they can progress onto words.”

After winning his semi-final, Nabil went on to finish the final in fourth place.

Both Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden praised his jokes, which touched upon topics such as race and religion.

Alesha said: “I really enjoyed it. The reason I pressed my golden buzzer for you is because I love things which are a bit edgy, a bit different and you’re that.

“It’s okay to feel a bit uncomfortable with comedy, I think that’s what comedy is about. I think we all need to learn a bit more and have a sense of humour, it was great.”

Amanda agreed: “Comedy should be about pushing boundaries and tonight you made me really, really laugh so congratulations.”


Taking to Twitter, Nabil previously opened up about some of the messages he had personally received after his semi-final show.

He wrote: “Funny how I made fun of lefties too but so far it’s not them wishing death on me or sending me abuse.. hmmm who were the snowflakes again?”

Nabil added: “I promise to do no jokes about racism or islamophobia in my final if I experience no racism or islamophobia between now and then.”

It comes after Britain’s Got Talent was revealed as the most complained about TV show of the year with over 27,000 complaints in total to date.


The majority of the complaints – over 24,000 – were about Diversity’s guest performance which centred around the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ofcom previously rejected the complaints and backed the show.