Britain’s Got Talent boss Simon Cowell wants a global ‘Champions League’ spin-off

Syco mogul will keep making two UK series a year if new version proves a ratings hit

Simon Cowell wants to take Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions a step further – by launching a GLOBAL all-stars version.


Next week ITV premieres the new Champions spin-off, which sees fan-favourite former contestants return to the BGT stage.

To secure glory, they also have to battle successful acts from other adaptations of Got Talent around the world.

However, never one to rest on his laurels, Simon is already thinking about taking the format to the next level.

The Syco chief told The Sun that he’s planning a ‘Champions League’, in which several countries would send their most recent Got Talent winners to compete against each other.

“I am thinking we could do a Got Talent Champions League,” he revealed. “I think it would be brilliant because you’d be rooting for your country.

“That is way more interesting than just carrying on doing the same thing we do every year, because there’s got to be a progression. I think it would be amazing!”


The comments represent another sharp U-turn from Simon – who previously said he “hated” a similar edition of Pop Idol.

In 2003, World Idol saw Norway’s Kurt Nilsen beat ten other Idol victors, with Simon representing the United States as a judge.

A few weeks afterwards, he blasted the concept for turning winners into losers.

“I didn’t see the point, if I’m being honest with you,” he commented. “They’ve all won. You’re making, you know, 10 winners losers.”

While Simon waits to see if he can get his latest idea off the ground, he’s hoping to keep making two series of Britain’s Got Talent per year.

The media mogul has suggested that BGT: The Champions will return if it proves a ratings hit.

“Of course I’d do it again. The idea that you wouldn’t seems crazy — unless nobody watches it,” he said. “We’ll have to wait and see.”


US broadcaster NBC has renewed the equivalent America’s Got Talent spin-off for a second season.

Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions begins next Saturday (31st August) at 8.00pm on ITV.