Britain’s Got Talent 2019 auditions: The best performances from week seven

Britain’s Got Talent 2019 auditions continued on Saturday night and here are the best try outs from the seventh week.


Based on online hits and shares since the weekend, here are the top four ranked performances.

But who came out on top? Here’s the full countdown…


Aptly-named couple Mind2Mind, a.k.a. James and Marina, claim that anybody can engage in the art of telepathy “with the right focus”. After Marina identified items from Amanda’s handbag while blindfolded, the new Heart FM breakfast host secretly picked Italy from a randomised list of countries.

The illusionists helped her transmit that thought to Simon, who was amazed that he ended up writing the same nation down on his board. “I’m in total awe of your power,” said David.



Jacob Jones

Jacob likely wouldn’t have made it on to the London Palladium stage if it wasn’t for his girlfriend Faye, who entered him for BGT without his knowledge. The Surrey barber faced a setback when Simon interrupted his performance of ‘You Are So Beautiful’, complaining about the “rasp” in his vocals.

The music mogul was more satisfied with his second attempt, saying he had a “great voice”. In fact, it went so well that after the judges unanimously voted him through, Jacob invited Faye on stage and proposed to her in front of the cameras and the cheering crowd. Fortunately, she gave him that all-important fifth yes!


Dan Rhodes

The latest competitor in this year’s crowded field of magic, youngster Dan had what he felt was just the trick to help him stand out – even claiming it had never been done before on British television. He secured Amanda in a box of his own design, and brought out a power tool – at which point Simon pressed his buzzer.

The 15-year-old seemingly used the electric saw to cut Amanda in half, and jokingly only agreed to put her back together after she gave him a yes.



Libby & Charlie

Libby may be the self-proclaimed boss of this 11-year-old dance duo, but Charlie already has the £250,000 prize fund earmarked for a trip to the exotic island of Bora Bora. The best friends’ perfectly-synchronised routine, set to Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’, got them one step closer to that dream holiday.

“You to have just got it, you weren’t a step out of place. It was just perfect. I was literally looking for a fault, and I couldn’t find one,” said Alesha.


Britain’s Got Talent 2019 continues next Saturday night on ITV with the latest auditions.


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