Britain’s Got Talent 2019: Ant and Dec TRICK judges in undercover Disco Dogs audition

More Talent host Stephen Mulhern also took part in surprise prank

The Britain’s Got Talent 2019 judges got a HUGE shock when hopefuls Disco Dogs turned out to be show presenters Ant McPartlin, Dec Donnelly and Stephen Mulhern in disguise.


Ant and Dec love to fool unsuspecting celebrities in the ‘Undercover’ segment on Saturday Night Takeaway.

However, in well over a decade of Britain’s Got Talent, they have never tricked the judges on the ITV variety contest – until tonight.

For the very last performance on this year’s auditions tour, an act named ‘Disco Dogs’ supposedly took to the stage.

Disco Dogs.
Disco Dogs.

All Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams saw were three humans in dog costumes, who would only ‘woof’ in response to their questions.

The trio kicked off by dancing around a giant boombox to themed songs, including ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’ and ‘Hound Dog’.

Soon enough, more human dogs began moving down the theatre aisles, as confetti and balloons rained over the audience.


The pups did the famous ‘YMCA’ and ‘Gangnam Style’ routines, and the judges joined in, donning canine ears and masks.

As the mini-party came to an end, David said: “It was completely bonkers, and completely Britain’s Got Talent.”

Simon added: “This is the sort of thing my son Eric would love! What a great end to the show this year.”

The Disco Dogs soon got the good news that they had received four “woofs”.

Dec then left the panel open-mouthed when he pulled off the head of his costume and exclaimed: “Thank goodness for that!”

Ant followed suit, while the third dog was revealed to be Stephen Mulhern, frontman of spin-off Britain’s Got More Talent.


“We did it! We did it! After all these years!” grinned Ant.

The speechless judges went on stage to congratulate the hosts on their prank.

“Well done,” said Simon, while Amanda gasped: “Oh my God, I can’t believe that!”

With the auditions now over and the live shows looming, the lucky acts who made it through will be revealed later tonight.


The first semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent 2019 airs on Monday at 7.30pm on ITV.

More Talent immediately follows the main show every night on ITV2.