Boiling Point cast revealed for new BBC One TV show

Boiling Point has arrived on BBC One – here’s a full run down of who’s on the cast.

The brand new television drama is a follow on to the hit film of the same name which was released in 2021. The TV show is set six months after the events of the movie.

Eight months following her mentor Andy Jones’ heart attack, head chef Carly finds herself in a struggle to establish a reputation for the recently opened Dalston restaurant, Point North, alongside her original kitchen staff.

Andy  sits in a chair in a darkened room holding a can of drink
Boiling Point: Andy (STEPHEN GRAHAM). Credit: BBC/Boiling Point TV Limited/Kevin Baker

The journey unfolds as the team grapples with the immense pressures of maintaining the restaurant’s operations amidst a hospitality industry in turmoil. Balancing the challenge of attracting new patrons with the financial strain of ensuring the business remains profitable, the team faces the complex task of managing their personal lives while consistently delivering high-quality cuisine.

Boiling Point TV series cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of Boiling Point…

  • Vinette Robinson plays Carly
  • Stephen Graham plays Andy
  • Ray Panthaki plays Freeman
  • Hannah Walters plays Emily
  • Shaun Fagan plays Bolton
  • Gary Lamont plays Dean
  • Izuka Hoyle plays Camille
  • Áine Rose Daly plays Robyn
  • Stephen McMillan plays Jamie
  • Daniel Larkai plays Jake
  • Hannah Traylen plays Holly
  • Stephen Odubola plays Johnny Bale
  • Taz Skylar plays Billy
  • Ahmed Malek plays Musa
  • Joel MacCormack plays Liam Astrid
  • Missy Haysom plays Kit
  • Cathy Tyson plays Vivian
  • Steven Ogg plays Nick


Watch the series on TV and online

The Boiling Point TV show will begin on TV on BBC One on Sunday, 1 October at 9PM.

You’ll also be able to watch all episodes online on BBC iPlayer from the same date. The series has four, hour-long episodes.

A teaser for the first episode shares: “Multiple crises threaten to destroy everything head chef Andy Jones has worked for.”

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