Big Brother’s Jenkin slams Jordan in brutal nominations

The first of this week’s Big Brother nominations has been revealed.

The latest round of nominations took place in the house on Tuesday, but not before Big Brother made an announcement.

Following Chanelle and Olivia’s nomination chat, Big Brother gathered the group and boomed: “Housemates the rules regarding the discussion of nominations have been explained to you several times.

Big Brother's Chanelle and Olivia

“Yesterday these rules were broken yet again by Chanelle and Olivia.”

Big Brother then recited Chanelle and Olivia’s conversation to the house before announcing a punishment: Chanelle lost her immunity from the Hunger Games task, seeing her now vulnerable for the axe.

As for Olivia, for her second rule break, Big Brother revealed she had lost her right to nominate.

Nominations then got underway, with Jenkin first voting for Jordan.

He said: “My first nomination is Jordan I feel uncomfortable in the conversations we have, his sarcasm puts me on edge. Every time I talk to him I feel its a sarcastic response and it gets dismissed.

“I’m fully aware that me and him aren’t going to be best friends, but even when it’s a basic conversation of ‘How are you’ or ‘What do you think you’re going to be up to day’, it’s just sarcasm with a walk of. It just feels uncomfortable and awkward. I’m just stood there like ‘Why am I trying?'”

The full nominations and who is up for eviction will be revealed in tonight’s episode at 9PM on ITV2.

Big Brother's Olivia in the Diary Room

The latest eviction will take place live on Friday night and with the Big Brother final looming we wouldn’t be shocked if it’s another double eviction.

Meanwhile in the house yesterday, housemates took part in Big Brother’s Dance Challenge.

The task saw the group having to dance non-stop in a garden rave.

Big Brother continues Sunday – Friday nights at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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