Big Brother 2023 spoilers! What happens in tonight’s episode (11 October)

Here’s a first look at tonight’s Big Brother 2023 highlights on ITV2.

In this evening’s (11 October) fourth episode of the new series, the first shopping task gets underway.

In tonight’s show, the housemates awake to find Big Brother House has undergone a transformation into the global entity known as Big Bros Ltd.

Big Brother 'big wigs' talk to the other housemates

In the lounge, all the housemates assemble behind the newly erected desks.

Big Brother announces, “Over the next two days, you will engage in various tasks within the office in a bid to secure a luxury shopping budget. Failing to succeed will result in an economy budget for the week.”

Big Brother further explains, “Henceforth, Big Brother assumes the role of CEO, and you are all my employees.”

The structure of Big Bros Ltd is organized into three tiers: the top-ranking Big Wigs, responsible for significant decisions; the Middle Management, who oversee the company’s day-to-day operations; and the Bottoms, who carry out assigned tasks diligently.

Yinrun, Henry, and Trish are revealed as the selected Big Wigs. After donning their corporate uniforms, they proceed to their upstairs office.

The house’s food supply is redistributed, with the Big Wigs enjoying luxury meals while the Bottoms are placed on basic rations.

Yinrun comments as she gets dressed, “When I put this on, I’ll look more like a boss.”

Big Brother first look at the shopping task

The initial task for the Big Wigs is to appoint five housemates to serve as Middle Management, leaving the remaining eight housemates as Bottoms. The choices they make will have significant consequences.

Who will they select for these roles, and what will be the outcome of their decision?

Big Brother 2023 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 on ITVX from Sunday – Fridays.

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