BBC ‘working on Car Share inspired reality series’

Car Share has reportedly inspired the BBC to make a new reality show.

The new fly on the wall series, called Teen Taxi, will see parents rig out their cars with cameras as they ferry their kids around.

According to The Sun, the new show will follow mums and dads driving their teenagers to “big events” in their children’s life.

Moving on to University, attending first festivals and taking trips abroad are all the moments that will apparently be caught on camera.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Producers are hoping to capture funny conversations between parents and teens, including lectures about good behaviour and requests to borrow money.

“They’re also hoping to capture some special moments, which will be nostalgic for viewers and tug on heart strings.”

Comedy series Car Share concluded last month on BBC One after two series.

Written by and starring Peter Kay, over 6 million viewers watched the last instalment which co-starred Sian Gibson.

It was the final ever episode after fans demanded a ‘proper ending’ following last year’s second series.

Ahead of the finale, Peter said: “We always knew the second series would end that way and we thought people might be a bit miffed, but we never thought they would be so devastated. We decided to write another episode that hopefully gave the characters a resolve and I thought, let’s hold this back until the repeat of the second series.

“It was hard to keep it a secret after the reaction we got, but we never said that there wouldn’t be any more Car Share… we just said there wouldn’t be a third series.”

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