BBC One’s The Wall gives away over £100,000 to lucky pair in first big win

Players Vickie and Julie were first pair to tear up their 'contract' on new gameshow

BBC One gameshow The Wall has celebrated its first big win, with sisters Vickie and Julie taking home £121,544.


Hosted by Danny Dyer, The Wall sees contestants drop balls down a four-storey high peg board towards various money slots.

If they answer questions correctly, the balls turn green and the money is added to their jackpot. However, if they answer incorrectly, the balls turn red and the money is taken away.

Last night Merseyside siblings Vickie and Julie took on The Wall, with the aim of winning enough money for their first family holiday in 38 years.

After the first round, a cash builder named ‘Freefall’, the pair had banked £5,012, forming the basis of their ‘guarantee’.

They then split up, with Julie going in to ‘isolation’ to answer questions, leaving Vickie to bank big cash.

In rounds two and three, players must drop equal amounts of green and red balls in to The Wall. They answer questions for blank balls which, if turned green, can tip the odds in their favour.


Julie powered through her questions, answering all six correctly. Each one boosted the guarantee by £2,500, taking it to £20,012.

Meanwhile, Vickie initially struggled with the wall, hitting several low amounts – but her luck changed and she landed a ball in the top £50k slot.

The final red balls were kind to her, and she eventually secured a huge jackpot of £121,544.

Back in isolation, it was up to Julie – who was completely unaware of how the game had played out – to determine the final outcome.

She either had to sign a contract for the guarantee amount, or tear it up and leave with whatever The Wall had given them.

Julie soon returned to the studio, saying: “The first two or three questions, I really wasn’t sure.

“Some of the others I knew for sure I was right, so I kind of mentally totted up where I thought we would be.”


Having concluded they’d have enough either way for a “cracking holiday”, she confirmed: “I’ve torn the contract up.”

Vickie then revealed the all-important result. “Round three, our luck changed. At one point we got up to £136,000,” she explained.

“Then we had to do the three reds… they were really kind to us, we only lot £15,000. We’ve just won £121,000!”

That meant the sisters would be taking home the six-figure sum – an unusually high prize for a BBC gameshow.

“What an unbelievable game, I’m all over the place!” reacted Danny.

Julie was the first contestant to tear up their contract on the UK version of The Wall.


Last week, Diane and Andy left with their guarantee amount of £19,505 – but they could have won £79,694.

The Wall continues every Saturday night after Strictly Come Dancing on BBC One.