BBC One reveals two brand new gameshows Hardball and Chase The Case

BBC One has unveiled two brand new game shows to air on day time.


Hardball, hosted by Ore Oduba, sees contestants battling against the clock to beat a rolling ball before it can catch up with them; while Chase The Case, presented by Dan Walker, is a new strategy gameshow in which contestants have to trade general knowledge for information in order to secure the briefcase with the biggest prize contained inside it.

Here’s all you need to know…


Hardball is described as a “nail-biting fast-paced quiz”. Hosted by recent Strictly Come Dancing winner, Ore Oduba the aim of the game is seemingly simple – contestants have to get as far away as they can before the ball catches them.

Players step up to face the ball on 25 metres of track in front of which they are asked questions that test all aspects of their knowledge on topics as varied as pop music, history, sport and movies.

Each question they answer correctly moves them further down the track. But the players are being chased by a ball that never stops – the Hardball. As soon as the ball passes them, the game is over.

Hardball sees six contestants per episode take on the track in a bid to beat the ball. But only one will make it through to the final to try to take home the jackpot of thousands of pounds, if they can beat the ball one last time.


Ore Oduba said: “I absolutely love Hardball, it does exactly what it says on the tin! Like the best quiz shows, a simple format but a game that’s not quite as easy as it first appears.

“I can’t wait to bring a bit of drama to daytime on BBC One. Once that ball starts rolling, it’s very hard to stop… let’s hope our contestants – and the audience – can hold their breath.”

Chase The Case

Described as a “new strategy gameshow”, Chase The Case sees contestants trade general knowledge for information. Hosted by Dan Walker, five players begin the game by being given a case containing a secret amount of cash. Players answer questions to win visits to a soundproof secret vault where they can learn information about what’s in their opponents’ cases.

As they are never allowed to see inside their own case, the only way to figure out what they are carrying is by the power of deduction. The audience play along at home as they are privy to all of the intelligence acquired in the vault.


In a fast-paced endgame, players attempt to steal each other’s cases via tense head-to-head challenges but only the player who gets over the finish line first will get to open the case they are holding and take home the prize.

Dan Walker says: “I am delighted to be hosting Chase The Case. Within a few minutes of sitting down with the team from Bandicoot it sounded like they had come up with a show that is lively, engaging and audiences can join in the fun and play along at home. I can’t wait to start filming.”

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