Do The Apprentice candidates REALLY get ready in 20 minutes?

The Apprentice candidates in the boardroom

Viewers of The Apprentice have been questioning just how long it takes the candidates to get ready each morning.

In the weekly BBC One episodes we often see contestants abruptly awoken to be told that their latest task will begin imminently.

Yet despite the apparent tight deadlines, the whole group always seem to look the picture of sophisticated grace without fail.

According to former candidate Karthik Nagesan, things aren’t quite what they seem in the edit.

To no one’s real surprise, he explained: “The cars are there in 20 minutes. I’m not going to say they leave in 20 minutes.

“So the cars will be there in 20 minutes, they may not leave in 20 minutes, they may leave two hours later. I’m not saying anything, just think about it.

“The other thing is if you noticed in last week’s episode they let slip a little bit in the edit. The person who came to pick up the phone was actually half-dressed.

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“That shows you that not everybody wakes up when the phone rings and that kind of thing.”

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Karthik added: “Imagine if you had a set of TV crew noseying around, watching you do your hair, go to the toilet and brush your teeth.

“Are you not going to see five men or women standing around with cameras? Think about it. It keeps the illusion up and that’s what’s nice about the show.”

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