The Apprentice 2017 results: Who left? THREE candidates fired in shock boardroom

Who left The Apprentice this week? Week 8 recap!

Who was fired from The Apprentice 2017 this week? The latest results are in from tonight’s show.

And in a shock boardroom, a total of three candidates were fired.

Andrew Brady, Anisa Topan and Charles Burns all left The Apprentice this week.

An early morning surprise at the house signalled the start of week eight this evening, as Lord Sugar arrived unannounced at the The Apprentice house.

After gathering the group in the kitchen, Lord Sugar tasked the candidates to prove their pedigree by running their own doggy service businesses.

apprentice dogs 1

They had to make money by selling doggy products, spa treatments and other services to dog owners.

The Apprentice 2017 results

On Team Vitality, Charles was project manager with Anisa, Sarah, Andrew, Michaela and Jade. They made total sales of £814.75

Team Graphene was led by James with Elizabeth, Bushra, Harrison and Joanna. The had total sales of £1,277.92.

After a drawn-out conversation in the boardroom discussing where the task went wrong for Team Vitality, Charles eventually decided to bring Andrew and Anisa back in to join him.

Lord Sugar summarises: “Lady and gentlemen, I think I have heard enough and I am going to summarise the way I see it.”

“Andrew, you come across to me as immature. The swearing, I don’t like that at all, I did warn you about it. You want my honest opinion, I think you are here maybe four or five years too early. I don’t think you are ready yet…

“So Andrew, you’re fired.”

However, Lord Sugar was by no means finished. He continued: “Charles – nice enough fellow but, just like the dogs, you seem to lay around and do nothing.”

Before moving onto Anisa: “Anisa, eight weeks…” At this point Anisa interrupts Lord Sugar, “I just want the opportunity to show you what I can be – what I do,” to which Lord Sugar replies “You’ve had the opportunity!

“Anisa, you are fired.”

Lord Sugar then turned back to Charles: “Charles, I’m looking for a business partner who leads. I don’t want a consultant telling me after the event why my investment has gone down the pan…

“So I wish you the best of luck, but Charles, you’re fired”

The Apprentice Series 13 - 2017
The Apprentice Series 13 – 2017

Lord Sugar them summed up his shock triple firing to Claude and Karren: “I have to close my eyes and try to envisage these people in business with me, and in all three cases I couldn’t see it.”

Andrew, Anisa and Charles will talk to Rhod Gilbert on You’re Fired! on BBC Two at 10pm tonight.

They will be joined by guests Baroness Brady – Lord Sugar’s Aide, Hal Cruttenden – Comedian and Stuart Livingstone – Director of Operations: Pets at Home for a fresh and unique take on the highlights of The Apprentice as well as the first exclusive interviews with the fired candidates.

The Apprentice 2017 continues Wednesdays at 9PM on BBC One.

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