Antiques Roadshow tonight – World Cup memorabilia, Bergman bronze figures, gold sovereigns

Antiques Roadshow Series 45 Powis Castle and Gardens

Antiques Roadshow continues tonight (19 November 2023) on BBC Two with a repeat episode.


Tonight the team makes a stop at Powis Castle, one of the most magnificent estates in Wales.

The show features Wayne Colquhoun appraising a trove of 1966 World Cup memorabilia, once owned by Hugh Johns, the ITV commentator for the iconic final. Serhat Ahmet is captivated by an impressive porcelain sculpture of a lifeboat crewman, while Alexandra Aguilar invites Fiona to arrange a collection of fine Japanese artifacts by their value.

Antiques Roadshow Crystal Palace Park

Mark Smith delves into the tale of a father and son who explored the polar regions, examining a medal awarded for a heroic crevasse rescue. Lisa Lloyd is taken by a set of rare Bergman bronze figures portraying Arab horsemen, and John Foster reveals an unexpected valuation to the owner of an extensive collection of gold sovereigns.

Runjeet Singh, an expert in Asian arms and militaria, shares with Fiona the story of Tipu Sultan, the 18th-century Indian leader known as the Tiger of Mysore. He explains how valuable items from Sultan’s treasury found their way to Powis Castle, taken by British troops as spoils of war.

Antiques Roadshow airs at 8PM on BBC Two tonight, 19 November 2023.

The repeat episode is from Series 45 and originally aired in April 2023.


You can also watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer here.

Repeats Antiques Roadshow will continue next Sunday night on BBC Two with Survivor currently airing on BBC One.