Antiques Roadshow tonight – Queen Victoria’s undergarments and Chopper bikes

Antiques Roadshow Wollaton Hall - is it new or a repat?

Antiques Roadshow continues on TV this evening (6 August 2023) on BBC One with a repeat episode.

Tonight the team arrives at Nottingham’s majestic Wollaton Hall, a stunning Elizabethan mansion surrounded by picturesque grounds.

Silver expert Kate Flitcroft is astonished by a unique fire extinguisher cocktail shaker, while ceramics expert Eric Knowles encounters a playful toy monkey popping out of a musical pineapple.

Host Fiona Bruce makes a stylish entrance on an iconic Chopper bike and delves into the history of Raleigh Bicycles, a Nottingham-based company founded in the 1880s. She uncovers the inspiring story of activist George Powe, who fought for job opportunities for black workers at Raleigh in the 1950s, and hears from former employees of the once-largest bicycle factory in the world.

Jewellery expert Susan Rumfitt challenges Fiona to guess the value of three intriguing cameo items, adding an air of mystery to the event. Collectables expert Hilary Kay stumbles upon an extraordinary find – Queen Victoria’s personal undergarments, leaving the audience in awe.

Amidst the assortment of treasures, Antiques Roadshow at Wollaton Hall weaves a tapestry of history and nostalgia, connecting the past with the present, and leaving lasting impressions on all who attend.

Antiques Roadshow airs at 8PM on BBC One tonight, 6 August 2023 at 8PM.

The episode is a repeat from series 45 and originally aired in 2022.

You can also watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer here.