Antiques Roadshow tonight – Michael McIntyre, Take That trophy, David Hockney painting

Antiques Roadshow Series 45 - Belmont House 1

Antiques Roadshow continues tonight (12 November 2023) with a repeat episode on BBC Two.

At the picturesque Belmont House in Kent, Fiona Bruce energetically gathers the attendees with the aid of an ancient moot horn from the 14th century.

During the event, she encounters the well-known comedian Michael McIntyre, learning about his upcoming incognito escapade to carry out a prank for his weekend Big Show.

A fascinating collection of items linked to Kent's Sikh community.
Antiques Roadshow s45 Belmont House. A fascinating collection of items linked to Kent’s Sikh community. Credit: BBC

Expert Ronnie Archer Morgan is captivated by a historic Polynesian club that dates back to Captain Cook’s era and encourages the owner to give it the care it deserves. In another exciting discovery, Mark Smith is delighted to examine a rare telegram that signified the conclusion of World War II.

Upon inspecting a trophy once bestowed upon the famed pop group Take That in 1995, Mark Hill quickly discerns its uniqueness and ponders the story behind a significant dent it bears.

Specialist in Asian arms and military artifacts, Runjeet Singh, delves into the history of a sword from the Dervish religious order and seizes the opportunity to scrutinize some exceptional Indian weaponry from the Belmont collection.

Raj Bisram is intrigued by a pair of early diving helmets and shares the fascinating detail that they were initially intended for use in firefighting rather than underwater exploration. He also spends time with John Shepherd, a former cricketer for Kent and the West Indies, discussing Belmont’s historical connection to the inception of cricket.

Finally, Rupert Maas is presented with a puzzling scenario when he reviews a painting with the signature of the renowned contemporary artist David Hockney, a piece that was a gift to a railway signalman who once hosted the artist during the dawn of his career.

Antiques Roadshow airs at 8PM on BBC Two tonight at 8PM on 11 November 2023.

The repeat episode, part of the 45th series, originally aired in March 2023.

You can also watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer here.

Antiques Roadshow will continue next Sunday night on BBC Two with Survivor currently airing on BBC One.

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