Antiques Roadshow tonight – Batman memorabilia, T-rex bones, poet’s portrait

Antiques Roadshow returns tonight (5 November 2023) on BBC Two with a repeat episode.


The new instalment sees Fiona Bruce and the team at Wollaton Hall, an imposing Elizabethan mansion in Nottingham.

Previously cast in the role of Wayne Manor for the iconic Batman Dark Knight film series, Wollaton Hall sets an apt scene for Fiona as she embarks on the challenge of appraising the worth of Batman’s cowl, his indispensable utility belt, and the iconic Joker’s costume, famously donned by Jack Nicholson.

In addition, Fiona confronts a colossal T rex replica while recounting the tale of Titus—a dinosaur whose skeleton was unearthed in America in 2014 and is now exhibited at Wollaton Hall.

Meanwhile, antiques specialist Adam Schoon delves into the cherished belongings that Ugandan Asians carried with them to the UK in 1972 while escaping their homeland; art connoisseur Rupert Maas stumbles upon a miniature portrait of an obscure female Romantic poet once celebrated by William Wordsworth.

Plus, Hilary Kay unearths some exquisitely detailed Elizabethan garments of extraordinary rarity and worth.

The repeat episode of Antiques Roadshow airs at 8PM on BBC Two tonight, 5 November 2023.

This episode first aired in October 2022.


You can also watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer here.

Episodes of Antiques Roadshow continue on Sunday nights.