Antiques Roadshow tonight – 18th-century Chinese robe, engraved goblets, fake porcelain

Antiques Roadshow Ham House - is it new or a repat?

Antiques Roadshow continues on TV this evening (31 July 2023) on BBC One with a repeat episode.

Tonight the team head to Ham House in the London borough of Richmond-upon-Thames.

In the realm of captivating discoveries, an exquisitely adorned 18th-century Chinese robe emerges from the shadows of a dressing-up box, leaving Asian Art specialist Lee Young to ponder its origin from the esteemed court of the emperor. Esteemed as a potential six-figure treasure, its historical significance astounds all on the show.

Excitement builds among the team as they eagerly anticipate a portrait by the talented Indian-born artist FN Souza and a remarkable collection of silver hailing from the Gulf state of Oman. A pair of goblets adorned with images of the Crystal Palace draw astonishment from glass specialist Andy McConnell, acquired for an unbelievable bargain of just £25.

Siobhan Tyrrell finds herself enchanted by a dressing gown ingeniously crafted from a blanket by a resourceful German prisoner of war. Meanwhile, Mark Smith is deeply moved by a poignant photo album, bearing witness to the momentous 1956 testing of British atomic bombs, meticulously compiled by a British soldier who was there to witness the event firsthand.

In a stimulating challenge, Ceramics specialist Serhat Ahmet tasks Fiona with distinguishing the genuine article among a group of items crafted by the renowned Sevres porcelain factory. The air is charged with anticipation as the authenticity of these objects hangs in the balance.

Antiques Roadshow airs at 8PM on BBC One tonight, 30 July 2023 at 8PM.

The episode is a repeat from series 44 and originally aired in 2021.

You can also watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer here.