Ant and Dec spill all on I’m A Celebrity camp life in Wales


Ant and Dec have spilled all on camp life on I’m A Celebrity 2020.

On today’s ​I’m A Celebrity… The Daily Drop h​ost Vick Hope caught up with Ant and Dec to talk all about the show and its new location in North Wales.

Asked if Wales feels like home Ant said: “It does actually. It’s cold, but we knew that coming here. It’s not a surprise to us. The castle looks amazing, the show’s going really well, the campmates are hilarious.”

Dec added: “We’re loving it. The people of Wales have been so welcoming and so excited about having the show here, it has been lovely to be here. They’ve made us feel so welcome, it’s been great. It’s amazing, bring your long johns though!”

Speaking of the campmates and what they’d expected of them in advance, Ant said: “Mo Farah was the biggest shock he was doing the show – four times Olympic champion – he hasn’t disappointed. He brings a little bit of sunshine.”

Dec added: “His smiley face has been lovely.”

Ant said: “Then you’ve got Jordan – I didn’t know what to expect – from the first moment on the side of the cliff when he spewed up his guts, he’s entertained us every day.”

Ant continued to speak about how they’re doing in camp: “We’ve spoken to them down at trials and we said, ‘Is it cold in there?’ and they said it’s that cold that you never, ever get warm. Even at night. It’s in your bones. You know when you’ve been out all day walking and you’re cold and it’s in your bones, it’s like that – day in, day out.”

Dec added: “They’ve got a warm shower that they have to pump themselves, and keep the fire going to keep it warm, but they said even when they have a warm shower, you immediately get cold again, you can never quite warm up. So I think that has been the hardest thing for them, just the cold.”

Of who is making them laugh, Ant said: “Bev really makes me laugh, her one-liners are very good.”

Dec added: “Bev’s good, Jordan’s been brilliant, we’ve laughed a lot at Jordan, Shane’s kept the camp going and Vernon. Those four have been really kind of at the centre of keeping spirits up.”

Ant continued: “Jessica’s faces, by the way, they really make me laugh. It was surprising just how many noises a human body can make [in last night’s trial].”

Dec said: “We stopped trying to keep a straight face a long time ago. We just strapped in and enjoyed the ride.”

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