Ant and Dec ‘made over £40,000 a week last year thanks to TV show success’

The Kings of British TV Ant and Dec reportedly made more than £40,000 a week in their latest working year

The telly hosts front a number of shows on ITV with a total net worth rumoured to be around over £60 million each.

The Sun newspaper reports that the pair’s production companies brought in over £2 million in the twelve months to June 2020.

The businesses, which make Saturday Night Takeaway, are said to have more than £3 million in cash at the bank having forked out half a million in tax.

What’s more it’s claimed that the figures only represent some of the TV duos work with separate deals for other shows such as Britain’s Got Talent.

A source shared with the newspaper: “This isn’t all they earn but it’s a bit part of their own business and even with everything that has gone on this year they’re still doing incredible numbers.

“With everything else factored in they are far and away the biggest names in British telly – but their viewing figures are still enormous so they’re worth every penny.”

The money is set to continue to roll in for Ant and Dec following another hit series of Saturday Night Takeaway this year despite the pandemic.

As well as that and BGT, the duo also front I’m A Celebrity which is set to return to Australia later this year after moving to Wales in 2020.

And it’s not just hosting, with Ant and Dec’s production company making other shows such as Saturday Night Takeaway spin-off In For A penny as well as ITV’s genealogy series DNA Journey.

Plus, last year it was reported that the pair were looking to expand their TV empire even further by moving into streaming.

“Ant and Dec have dominated our screens for years but now they’d like to have a shot working with the streaming giants – including Netflix,” a source said.