Andy and the Band series 3 release date announced


A release date has been confirmed for the third series of Andy and the Band on CBBC and iPlayer.

The wildly popular, music-infused comedy series featuring Andy (Andy Day) and his bandmates, the Odd Socks, is making a triumphant return with a brand-new batch of twenty thrilling episodes.

The new series starts on Monday, 13 November 2023.

Andy and the Band

This time, Andy and the band are facing their most colossal challenge yet – the mission to rescue Planet Rock! But, as always, when it involves the Odd Socks, things are bound to take a hilariously unpredictable turn.

Joining the ensemble for this rock ‘n’ roll adventure is the band’s fresh-faced manager, Emerald, portrayed by the teenage drumming sensation and global internet sensation, Nandi Bushell, in her debut lead acting role.

And, demonstrating that Andy and the Odd Socks are the sock ‘n’ rollers everyone wants to jam with, an array of guest stars will make appearances, including the legendary rocker turned children’s TV star, Sir Brian May, Pussycat Doll and presenter Kimberly Wyatt, the renowned Lioness Ella Toone, comedy actor Nina Wadia, and beloved TV chef Rustie Lee.

In this third instalment of the series, Planet Rock is in dire straits due to a scarcity of genuine, soul-stirring rock music emanating from Earth. The Godfather of Rock, portrayed by the one and only Sir Brian May, is deeply troubled by this predicament and believes that Andy and the Odd Socks may hold the solution, specifically through their participation in the impending Battle of the Bands competition.

However, the Godfather’s goddaughter, Emerald (Nandi Bushell), is already one step ahead of him. She embarks on a journey to Earth in her rock pod to lend a hand. Can Emerald assist our intrepid heroes in triumphing at the Battle of the Bands, despite stiff competition from the devious Sandy and the Same Socks? The future of rock hangs in the balance (no pressure!).

Andy Day said: “We’re back with more mayhem, more epic oddsocky tunes, great guest stars and more cheesy puffs for Whiff! This series there is a narrative that runs through all of the episodes which reaches an explosive crescendo at the end when we HAVE to win the Battle of the Bands because the future of rock depends on it! Do we do it? You’ll have to watch and see!”

Watch past episodes online now via BBC iPlayer here.

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