Alesha Dixon reveals the secret to Britain’s Got Talent’s success

There’s a secret to Britain’s Got Talent’s continued success, according to Alesha Dixon.


While shows like The X Factor have been struggling in the ratings, Britain’s Got Talent continues with big numbers.

And Alesha thinks she knows why – although admitted even the popular talent competition has a shelf life.

“Everything in life, everything runs its course, but I would say with us, we’re OK right now,” Alesha said. “I think change is inevitable in life, with us just the same as anyone else.

“I don’t worry about it, but ultimately change is inevitable. We’ve been incredibly successful for six years and every year at the beginning of the series we sit down and say, ‘Have we run our course? Has Britain run out of talent?’”

The BGT judge of six years said: “The answer to that is, no, because what happens is each time the show goes out, a new crop of people watch it and are inspired to come on the show and show their talent, or just have a laugh, and that’s the thing I love about the show.”

Speaking to The National, Alesha added: “We celebrate all kinds of people from all backgrounds and all ages. We don’t discriminate against anyone.

“Also I think because we’re on for quite a short period of time in the year, it comes in and hits you like a big bang, then it’s gone. It becomes a real event.”


Alesha will return to judge Britain’s Got Talent in 2018 alongside Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Simon Cowell.

The show started filming in January and starts on TV in the Spring.