Alesha Dixon on Ant McPartlin’s return to Britain’s Got Talent: ‘There’s a lot of love’

Alesha Dixon has said there’s “a lot of love” backstage on Britain’s Got Talent as Ant McPartlin returns to filming.


TV host Ant stepped down half-way through last year’s series, missing the live shows and leaving Dec to go it alone.

After a year out, including not presenting I’m A Celebrity, Ant returned to filming Britain’s Got Talent last month.

Appearing on ITV’s Loose Women, Alesha said there was “a lot of love” and support for the Geordie telly star.

She said: “We’ve worked together now for, I think, 7 years and when we get together it is like a family vibe in the studio and it just feels good and it’s so great, and everyone’s happy and back to our naughty selves.

“There’s a lot of love and, I think, you ladies know the more you work with people, the more you build up relationships and care about each other as people – you’re not just doing your job, you care about each other’s wellbeing, it’s no different on our show.”

Meanwhile, Alesha joked that the backstage on BGT had become “like a creche” with now all the judges as well as Ant’s co-host Dec welcoming children in recent years.


“I was talking to your researcher yesterday and I said when we started the show, the judges room was so quiet you can hear a pin drop,” she said. “Now it’s like a creche, with children and dogs everywhere, but it’s more of a reflection of what the show is which is a family show.”

Britain’s Got Talent will begin its new series in the Spring on ITV.

Alesha was appearing on Loose Women to promote the final of The Greatest Dancer, Simon’s new talent show which she hosts.


“It’s final and it’s exciting,” Alesha said. “The contestants have really upped their game, they get to perform twice this week. They get to perform with their dance captains which I can’t wait to see.”

The Greatest Dancer airs on BBC One from 7:10PM on Saturday, February 23.