Aisling Bea’s This Way Up not returning for season 3

This Way Up artwork

Aisling Bea has revealed she has no plans for a third season of her hit comedy This Way Up.

The hit show, written and starring Aisling Bea alongside Sharon Horgan, last aired in 2021 on Channel 4 and Hulu.

While fans have been eagerly awaiting news of new episodes, Aisling has bad news.

She shared: “I enjoyed the filming process but found it incredibly emotionally demanding and challenging.

“I think two series is my limit.”

The series chronicles the life of Aine, portrayed by Aisling Bea, a sharp-witted teacher of English as a foreign language striving to rebuild her life after a minor nervous breakdown. Her sister Shona, played by Sharon Horgan, is not only concerned for her younger sibling’s well-being but also questions her own life decisions.

In the second series, we were met with further poignant antics between the sisters, from misguided visits to infra-red saunas to another potential sung duet, catering to fan demands.

Aine begins to move past her stint in rehab, adopting a less cautious approach to life, a decision that might not be completely prudent. The question arises: will she and Richard, her employer, take their flirtation further? Or will the complexities of their work relationship and his son’s presence pose obstacles? Or perhaps, the genuine emotional gamble lies within the “sexy bit”?

Shona finds herself newly engaged to Vish following his proposal, despite a secret kiss with her business associate, Charlotte. With a wedding on the horizon, Shona faces decisions about cohabitation with Vish, disclosing the kiss, and her wedding attire – questioning if a dress is mandatory or if she can opt for a striking white suit.

Despite the numerous challenges they face, This Way Up focuses on the enduring connection between Aine and Shona, showcasing their passionate, caring, frequently fractious, yet invariably amusing relationship. In their bleakest moments, amidst profound loneliness and sorrow, the sisters invariably rescue each other, guiding one back to brighter days.

The cast also features Aasif Mandvi as Shona’s fiancé Vish, Tobias Menzies as Richard, a father to one of Aine’s pupils, and Indira Varma as Charlotte, Shona’s colleague and confidante.

You can watch the past two series of This Way Up on in the UK or Hulu in the US.