X Factor’s WORST auditions EVER – relive the most iconic try outs


While The X Factor has become known for making big music stars, it’s also given us some iconic TV moments for the wrong reasons.

2019 will see a brand new series of The X Factor and applications are already open for the chance to sing in front of the judges.

Those who get through will feature in the new season which typically begins in September on ITV.

But will any of them be inducted into the X Factor hall of shame for giving one of the worst auditions ever?

Here we take a look back at the failed wannabes tht left a lasting impression on the show’s judges and us viewers for all the wrong reasons

Sophie Stockle

Branded the ‘most embarrassing X Factor audition ever’ poor Sophie was all over the place as she went before the judges with a cover of Jennifer Hudson’s Love You I Do back in 2012.



The h is there to emphasize the Jam, apparently. Shame they didn’t put as much work into their audition as much as they did their name.


Holly Jervis

Holiday camp singer Holly and her mouth was the talk of 2008 with Simon Cowell comparing her to a CAVE.


Ariel Burdett

Holistic vocal coach Ariel started her audition off on the wrong foot from the moment she stepped into the judges’ room. A clash with Cheryl later and the try out turned into a lasting X Factor highlight.


Zoe Alexander

Pink impersonator Zoe came dressed like Pink and sung a Pink song but didn’t want to be compared to the American singer. As Nicole reacted: “No, baby no.”




The Jeremy Kyle of X Factor auditions. Abilisa’s 2010 try out went from bad to worse to truly awful.


Ant and Seb

The ultimate in classic bad X Factor auditions. Ant and Seb’s duet is still brilliant almost a decade on.



The X Factor airs Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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