X Factor’s Sam Callahan speaks out about Gary Barlow ‘feud’

X Factor’s Sam Callahan has spoken out about his ‘feud’ with Gary Barlow following the show.


2013 contestant Sam and Gary didn’t quite get along on the series, with Sam claiming at one point he felt like Gary’s “punch bag”.

He told Xtra Factor at the time: “I do actually, I thought about that before. I do feel a bit like that, I’m starting to feel a bit like Gary’s punchbag at the minute.’

However Sam vowed to win over Gary, saying: “It’s hard to hear negative feedback, but it makes me more determined to prove Gary and my other critics wrong.”

Sam was eventually eliminated in seventh place but his clashes with Gary continued long after the show.

This year Sam revealed Gary had blocked him on Twitter after he wished the Take That star happy birthday with a throwback picture of Gary in a topless photoshoot.

Speaking out this week about the social media drama, Sam said: “I never thought he actually didn’t like me, I always thought it was some sort of bravado for TV.

“Gary clearly has no banter because he just blocked me. It cut me right to the core that did.”

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, he quipped: “I was always a Robbie fan anyway. You’re one or the other, right?”


Since The X Factor, Sam has been rumoured to be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house.

A source said previously: “Sam is in the best shape he’s ever been in, he would definitely bring some eye candy to the show.”