Why Laura Trott isn’t on First Dates new series this year


First Dates waitress Laura Tott has revealed why she won’t be a part of the new series.

First Dates is back for 2021 with a new cast of staff as the show moves to a new Manchester restaurant.

While some familiar faces will be back alongside the newbies, regular Laura Tott won’t be one of them.

Laura, who works as a paramedic when she’s not helping singletons find love, took to social media to explain the shake up.

She told her followers on Instagram: “As you can see, I do not appear in this series of First Dates.

“They have moved up north to a new restaurant and wanted to freshen up the team for this series with some new local faces among the old faces, so I will not be featuring in this new series of First Dates unfortunately.”

Laura went on to say that taking time off from the show was a “welcome break” having worked throughout the pandemic.

She explained: “To be honest, I don’t actually know how I would have fit filming in this year with working during the pandemic.

“I’ve needed every day off to chill out so it’s actually been a welcomed break. I’ve missed the whole team though, that’s for sure.”

Laura added: “This doesn’t mean it’s over and I’m still very much part of the First Dates family and hopefully I’ll be back again real soon.”

Series 16 of First Dates will see Maître d’ Fred Sirieix back in charge with returning staff Cici Coleman, Merlin Griffiths and Grant Urquhart.

They’ll be joined by new waiting staff Daniella and David as well as new bartender Fiona.

The new series of First Dates airs from Tuesday, 19 January at 10PM on Channel 4.

You can watch past series and episodes online via the All 4 player here.

Picture: Channel 4.

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