Why Jamie Lynn Spears has signed up for I’m A Celebrity


Jamie Lynn Spears has spilled all on entering the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

Described as an “actress and singer” in official press materials, Jamie Lynn Spears is probably best known to many as the younger sister of Britney Spears.

She has had a tumultuous relationship with her sibling, who recently opened up in brand new memoir The Woman in Me.

I'm a Celebrity 2023 cast group photo

“There is literally every misconception you can have on a person about me so I don’t take any of it seriously,” Jamie Lynn says of joining the show. “But I do think going on I’m A Celebrity will be a nice way for people to see the real me.

“This is an opportunity to be myself and do something really cool and have some awesome experiences in the meantime.”

She continues: “I think my best quality is the fact that it takes a lot to hurt my feelings. Unless you are my children or my immediate family, nothing is going to hurt me.

“I can take a lot of sh*t and it doesn’t get me down, so I really think it’s a good quality to have in a place where a lot of stuff is thrown at you!”

As for how she’ll get on with the trials, Jamie Lynn admits: “Everything you’ve just mentioned (snakes, rats, heights) I am scared of. I am absolutely frightened of all of these things.

“Everything I have seen I have been afraid of. Absolutely every one of these trials I am dreading. I haven’t looked at any of them and thought, ‘Oh cool, I could do that one’. This is going to be terrifying.”

On what she’s most looking forward to, the Zoey 101 star says: “Meeting new people I would never have met is what I am most excited about. Sharing stories around the campfire? I am looking forward to that.

“Hopefully I will be the person to help when needed and be a support to others. Who knows? I may need all the support. I really don’t know until I get in there…”

Jamie Lynn Spears

The biggest challenge for Jamie Lynn will be leaving her two children.

“My oldest daughter is like, ‘OMG I can’t wait to see you do these trials and laugh at you’,” she laughs. “But she also said: ‘I’m really proud of you for doing something for yourself’.

“This will be the longest I have ever been apart from my children and the furthest. But they are going to come over to Australia and it will be a wonderful reunion when I come out.”

Asked whether she thinks she will have any teary moments, she adds: “I am sure I will do that, too. I am sure I will have a couple of moments where I go: ‘I miss my children’.”

And as for winning the whole thing? “I would think I was such a bad ass if I won this. But I am really going in there to enjoy this whole experience – even if it is for one second…”

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here starts at 9PM on Sunday, 19 November on ITV1 and ITVX.

Other celebs on the 2023 I’m A Celebrity line up include EastEnders actress Danielle Harold, former politician Nigel Farage, restaurant critic and media personality Grace Dent, and reality star Sam Thompson.

They’re joined by soap legend Nick Pickard, First Dates maitre d Fred Sirieix, singer and presenter Marvin Humes, This Morning presenter Josie Gibson, TV personality and social media influencer Nella Rose and American actress and singer Jamie Lynn Spears.

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