Who’s on Would I Lie To You tonight? Line up of celebrities on latest episode

Tonight's Would I Lie To You contestants - is it new or a repeat?
Bob Mortimer

Would I Lie To You is back on BBC One tonight – here’s who’s on the show.


Rob Brydon hosts the award-winning comedy panel show, with team captains Lee Mack and David Mitchell.

Each week they’re joined by a line up of celebrities who must sort the fact from the fiction.

Who’s on Would I Lie To You tonight?

Tonight’s episode (Friday, 24 March) sees a repeat from Series 14

The guests joining Lee Mack and David Mitchell in this episode are Claudia Winkleman, the Rev Kate Bottley, Sara Barron and Ed Gamble.

The episode airs at 8:00PM on Friday, 24 May on BBC One.

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Watch Would I Lie To You online

Would I Lie To You typically airs weekly on Friday nights on BBC One.


You can stream and watch episodes online for free and catch up via the BBC iPlayer.

Each episode features two teams of celebs, led by captains Lee Mack and David Mitchell, attempting to correctly guess if a story from the opposing team is true or not.

If they correctly determine whether the story is true or a lie then they win a point but if the opposing team manages to bluff them then they win the point.

The show features three rounds starting with ‘Home Truths’ where panellists read out a statement or story about themselves. Sometimes this can include a possession that they claim to own.

Round two is ‘This Is My’ where a mystery guest joins the show and all three members of one team claim to know them in a different way. It’s up to the opposition to correctly guess which member of the team is genuinely related to the guest.

The final round is ‘Quick Fire Lies’ which works the same as Home Truths but against the clock. Host Rob Brydon may also offer up a story, with both teams having to correctly assess its accuracy.


WILTY first launched in 2007 where it was hosted by Angus Deayton up until 2009.

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