Who won Race Across The World 2020? Winners revealed in final results


Who won Race Across The World 2020 has been revealed in tonight’s final results.

Just 20 seconds split the final two couples, as one pair were crowned winners of series 2 and took home the £20,000 prize money.

After twenty-five thousand kilometres, two continents and seventeen countries, it was uncle and nephew, Emon and Jamiul who were the first to reach the finish line and become the winners of BBC Two’s Race Across The World 2020.

They claimed the £20,000 prize – beating rival team Jen and Rob by a mere 20 seconds, in what was the closest checkpoint dash this series.

Race Across The World 2020 winners
Race Across The World 2020 winners Emon and Jamiul

Dom and Lizzie finished third two hours behind but duo Jo and Sam sadly had to withdraw from the race, within touching distance of the final, due to lack of funds.

Following their victory, Emon and Jamiul said: “So much struggle, and here we are! From deserts, to rainforests and snow-capped mountains, from top to bottom and everything else in between and everybody else in between.”

Emon added: “I’ve changed as a person. This trip has taught me how important family is. We’re fortunate to have friends and family around us but a lot of the kids in the world aren’t.”

The Bradford and Oldham uncle and nephew were particularly affected by a group of street children sleeping rough in Brazil during the sixth leg of the race. At the time, Emon gave them everything he could spare but after winning, the team revealed that they would donate half their winnings to help children’s charities.

Emon said: “We’ll donate £10,000 to South American charities to help kids on the streets, especially in São Paulo.”

Race Across The World sees pairs of travellers will race from the start line in one part of the world to the finish thousands of miles away, with only the cash equivalent (£1,453) of the airfare to their final destination.

For 2020, Race Across The World saw the teams going from the top to bottom of Latin America – from Mexico City to the most southerly city in the world, Ushuaia in Argentina.

Following the final, a special Race Across the World: Revealed reunion, Sunday 3 May, 8PM on BBC Two.

The BBC tease of the reunion show: “What’s happened since the end of the race? What are the teams up to now and how did this race change their lives? What did they really think of each other when they met for the very first time in Mexico City and what were their highs and lows across the mammoth 25,000km journey?”

Meanwhile you can apply to take part in Race Across The World series 3 here.