What Tom said to Maura on Love Island to leave her FUMING


It’s all kicking off on Love Island 2019 tonight between Tom Walker and Maura Higgins.

And it’s all down to what he said about her in last night’s episode.

In Sunday’s show (June 23), Maura was given the opportunity to spend a night in the Hideaway with a boy of her choice, choosing Tom.

But she was left less-than-impressed after Tom bantered with the boys about potentially going all the way with her.

During the discussion between the guys, Michael said: “We’re saying this but she might not. She might be all talk.”

Tom told the boys ahead of his night alone with Maura: “Let’s just see how it goes.”

“If it happens, it’s a natural thing – everyone does it, it’s a natural thing that happens,” Curtis told the group as Tommy added: “Sex is a natural thing to do.”

“I’ve slept with girls after much less time than I’ve known Maura,” Tom then commented.

As Maura walked out, Tom then added to the boys: “I’m not overthinking it. But it’ll be interesting to see if she is all mouth or not.”

“What did you just say to them?” Maura then asked Tom.

He explained: “Just then? Be interesting to see if you’re all mouth or not.”

An unimpressed Maura reacted: “Are you joking? That’s a d**khead comment. F**k off. Are you f**king joking, you just said that? Go f**k yourself.”

Tonight’s episode (Monday, June 24) follows on as Tom tries to explain his way out of the situation.

Maura tells the girls: “I’m not bringing him to the Hideaway.”

Tom is taken aback by Maura’s reaction to his comment, attempting to apologise: “I feel like that was a miscommunication.”

Maura snaps: “What do you mean miscommunication? You said what you said!”

Tom is left speechless as Maura continues “Are you saying you didn’t say that?”

Tom responds: “I repeated what they asked me.”

Maura argues: “You said it Tom!”

Tom replies: “They asked me a question.”

Maura tells him: “Maybe you should have been a gentleman. You shouldn’t have said that about me.”

But Tom insists: “I didn’t say it.”

Maura fires back: “You did! Don’t lie to my face. I don’t want to speak to you.”

Molly-Mae then interrupts the intense argument: “Tom, just give her some space.”

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.