The Only Way Is Essex spoilers! Two Break Ups In Essex?


Here’s a spoiler-filled preview of tonight’s The Only Way Is Essex.

The new series continues tonight at 9PM on ITVBe with plenty more drama.

Events in Essex go into overdrive as two couples teeter on the brink of a break up, while a new beginning emerges for another…

Lockie has an awkward encounter with Yaz’s mum and grandmother off the back of his heated comments towards her, and he’s quick to apologise and seek forgiveness.

Having also made amends with Chloe Lewis, he and Yaz talk through their issues at that evening’s Easter Ball.

towie spoilers 2018 tx2 - 1

But with both uncertain as to whether they can carry on, are both really ready to give up on their relationship?

Courtney and Myles come face to face with Jordan further to his comments about fancying Courtney, but the conversation quickly escalates into a heated encounter when Jordan insists Courtney was flirting with him and fills Myles in on what Courtney said about him.

As Myles gets aggravated, Bobby has to restrain him….

Later Courtney gets tearful as she expresses her fears for her future with Myles, and Chloe M tries to persuade her to call it quits.

When Myles arrives, can she persuade him to give their relationship another go?

Amber is angry when Dan brings Clelia to the party, and when Dan walks into a conversation between Amber and Clelia, both start to trade insults and fire accusations towards each other, which leads to a drink being thrown in Dan’s face.

towie spoilers 2018 tx2 - 5

Arg visits Gemma’s mum Joan ahead of making a big declaration towards her, but after six years of on and off, will he go through with his plans?

Chloe Sims meets Pete’s new girlfriend Shelby.

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Essex on Sunday 1st April at 9pm on ITVBe.