Vicky Pattison reveals why she’s never learned to drive (until now!)


E4’s All Star Driving School continues and Vicky Pattison is one of the celebs on the show.

Each week, a new batch of celebs will undergo tuition before taking their driving test at the end of their intensive course.

Last week saw The Vamps bassist Connor Ball, First Dates waitress CiCi Coleman and Tattoo Fixers receptionist Paisley Billings taking part.

Tonight, Vicky is one of three new celebs taking on the challenge.

Asked why she’s never learned to drive before, Vicky explained: “Do you know what? Because I’m a very wise woman, that’s why!

“Everyone’s there at 17, muttering about their independence and the wind in their hair, and going to shops when they want, etc, etc. When I was that age, all I ever saw driving as was a drink ban.

“If you were going to drive then you were automatically putting yourself into that pool of ‘don’t worry, you have a drink tonight, I’ll drive.’ I wanted to let my hair down and have a good time!”

The I’m A Celebrity winner went on: “I’d never even touched a steering wheel! My sister used to try, bless her little heart, to get me to do the gears when she drove. I think she thought that if I realised I could do the gears then I’d be inspired to do the rest of it – because she’s been another long-suffering chauffeur, as well, for many years – but no, I didn’t take to it at all.

“I don’t like being told what to do either, and driving instructors are normally a little bit boring. I just thought “This isn’t for me; I’ve got better things to be doing!”

In tonight’s show, Vicky is used to being driven around and it’s a while before she even turns the engine on – too busy doing her hair or drinking water. When she does decide to drive, she’s unpredictable, bordering on dangerous, screaming her way around Essex worrying about hitting cats and pedestrians.

Tattoo Fixer Sketch and Vicky’s fellow Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry join her on this week’s line up.

You can watch All Star Driving School weeknights at 7:30PM on E4.

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