Vicky McClure spills on new drama Trigger Point and possible new series of Line Of Duty

Vicky McClure appeared on This Morning today to talk about her new drama – and the possibility of more Line Of Duty.

Vicky is set to star in ITV’s Trigger Point, starting Sunday night, in which she plays Lana Washington, an experienced bomb disposal operative – known as an “Expo”.

Speaking to host Rochelle Humes, Vicky told how the new series comes from Line Of Duty creator Jed Mercurio.

“Jed Mercurio who’s producing it… everything just turns to gold, but also he’s a good friend and I love working with people I’m close to,” she shared. “He sent me a text to say would I look and even just by the way he described it… then we took it through the normal channels, sent it to my agent and Daniel is a new writer and I just love that.

“Jed’s supporting him through this scheme and having somebody like Jed on your side is amazing.”

She added: “His writing is incredible. It was a brand new story and a brand new world… I was discovering something completely different. Lana’s got so much going on that as an actor, I was like ‘It’s all there.’”

Discussing filming the series, Vicky shared: “We had two experts on set with us at all times and the questions I’m asking them… There’s this talk of the long walk and that’s going from where you are to the device and how that must feel, and knowing there’s the potential for death at any point.

“You can’t really get your head around it. There’s only so much I can understand about that fear.

“But just the way they described it to us, from a mental and a physical and professional capacity, having their expertise is exactly what we needed to try and put that into the show, as much as the artistic licence that we’ll also use to create a drama.”

Rochelle asked if she was doing her own stunts and Vicky said: “Yeah, as much as they’ll let you. There were certain things with Covid I was gutted about, especially the driving stuff. The people around us, the team, what they do is incredible and the way they keep everyone safe and that’s paramount. I felt completely safe in the things I was allowed to do, it was great.”

She added: “If the script was written years ago, it would have been written by a man and that’s what I love about it.

“Daniel had me in mind for it from the beginning, which was amazing but the fact it’s a woman in a man’s world, I’m always up for that.”

Meanwhile, Vicky spoke about a possible seventh series of Line Of Duty

She shared: “I’d love to go again. It would be weird when the date does come that we may never go again. Not to work with Ade, Martin and Jed would be really weird.

“We’ve done it for 10 years. It’s insane, really.”

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