Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai episodes, spoilers and how to watch online

Adam, Ryan and Scott Thomas ITV show - number of episodes and when to watch

Absolutely India Mancs in Mumbai

Adam, Ryan and Scott Thomas star in their own series on ITV - here's all you need to know.

Former Emmerdale actor Adam Thomas, ex Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas and Love Islander Scott Thomas will appear in the new show.


The celebrity siblings will be joined by their father Dougie, a music promoter and lead singer of 70s band Dougie James and the Soul Train, as they explore their Indian roots in the hope of seeking out long lost relatives.

Watch Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai on TV and online

Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai started on TV on Wednesday, April 29 at 8:30PM and airs weekly on Thursday nights for six episodes.

Alongside watching on TV, episodes will be available to watch online and catch up on via ITV Hub right here.

You can also watch online via Amazon Prime Video with ITV Hub+.


Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai episodes and spoilers

Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai will run for six episodes.

Episode 1 - April 29
In the first episode viewers will see the brothers and their dad touch down in Mumbai, and soon realise that this uniquely vibrant and chaotic city is going to be a huge challenge to navigate.

Their first time in India will see the quartet, leave their familiar surroundings in the North of England and explore some of India’s most popular tourist hot spots whilst attempting to discover more about their beloved Grandad Nolan Thomas.

Episode 2 - May 6
In episode two, having previously explored the rich and vibrant food at one the city’s most popular markets, the brothers now attempt some male grooming Mumbai style.

Heading to the popular street markets which are home to a various array of Indian barbers, Ryan and Adam, still smarting from the inimitable culinary dish Fire Paan, which saw them eat food that was set on fire, watch bemused as brother Scott now tries one of the city’s experimental hair cutting techniques.

Episode 3 - May 13
In Episode 3, emotions are running high as Dougie is introduced to his first cousin Darryl for the very first time, the family sample the local dancing and get the full Slumdog Millionaire experience in one the city’s most vibrant neighbourhoods.


Before the family embark on the new chapter of their journey they opt for a good hearty breakfast to start their day, however in a country where the food is like their weather and is hot, hot, hot the brothers get more than they bargained for when they sampled a typical Indian style breakfast of bean sprouts and spicy curry.

Episode 4 - May 20
On this week’s instalment, the family finally escape the chaos of the city and head for a spiritual awakening and a taste of paradise in Goa.

Lying on India’s west coast with a huge blend of cultures and 80 miles of beautiful sandy beaches, Goa may be one of the smallest states in India but it’s one of the richest, as each year tourists flock to experience a little taste of heaven in this truly magical place.

Episode 5 - May 27
In episode 5, the lads and Dougie are straight back into the chaos of Mumbai following their trip to see family in Goa.

Adam decides a bit of chill time is required to help them make it through their last few days in the city, so books everyone in for a traditional Indian head massage at a local barbers. Adam and twin brother Scott are the first in the chair but it soon transpires it's not the most relaxing experience and Ryan and dad Dougie rapidly run for the exit.


Details on further episodes will be confirmed in due course.

Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai airs Wednesdays at 8PM on ITV.