Rylan to front new fashion makeover show You Are What You Wear on BBC One

rylan clark neal

Rylan Clark-Neal is to front new fashion makeover show You Are What You Wear (working title) for BBC One.

The show will be produced by MultiStory Media, part of ITV Studios, for the BBC.

Filmed in Manchester, the four-part series will offer a "modern take on the traditional makeover show."

Ana De Moraes, Group Creative Director MultiStory Media and Executive Producer of You Are What You Wear said: “BBC One prime time has been a significant target for us and so we are incredibly excited with the opportunity to bring a new fashion makeover to BBC One.

"This series has a unique mix of humour, emotion and consumer take out and Rylan is such a joy at the heart of proceedings.”

Rylan Clark-Neal said: “I'm thrilled to be fronting a new series on BBC One, and can't wait to help people from all walks of life find their sense of style and be proud of what they see when they look in the mirror."

You Are What You Wear (w/t) is set in a department store of dreams where every size and shape is catered for and which stocks everything from vintage to high street steals and designer items.

Each episode will follow four customers as they come to the store in the hope of solving a fashion dilemma or undergoing a complete transformation.

The customers are each invited into a fitting room with a giant mirror, where they are asked to look at their reflection and articulate what they see. In this emotional moment, they open up to Rylan about their insecurities and how they really feel about themselves.

Watching on from behind the scenes will be a squad of four amazing personal shoppers, all with very different styles and personalities. The stylists will react to each customer’s revelations and decide among themselves who is the best fit for each person. During the makeover, the other stylists will continue to look on, offering their opinion and other takeout.

Once their incredible style makeovers are complete, the customers return to the mirror room with Rylan to see their new look for the first time. Once again, they look at their reflections and answer the all-important question: what do they see?

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