All about Emily Atack's Adulting - her new four-part TV show

Emily Atack's Adulting air date confirmed

emily atack adulting

Emily Atack's Adulting is a brand new TV show coming to UKTV's W channel.

The four part is described as a "warm and comedic observational documentary about the rise and rise of last year's Jungle Princess."


A teaser adds: "Funny and moving, with access all areas to Emily's life and social media, Emily Atack: Adulting provides an authentic voice for the modern-day woman in a traditional society.

"Each episode poses a question based on parenthood, dating and body image which Emily will attempt to answer with the help of friends, family, her social network and beyond."

Emily Atack explains the idea behnd the show: "I’ve always asked these questions in my life, since I was a little girl.

"I’ve always wanted the fairy-tale prince, the fairy-tale dream life and I’ve always wanted to be a good person, so when the opportunity came along for me to do a programme like this, which essentially covers every single topic that I have wondered about my entire life, I wanted to grab it with both hands, it felt like the perfect time."

She adds: "The topics that we’ve covered in this series are dating, should I be having children by now, body confidence and am I too selfish? It’s all stuff I constantly talk about. I feel like at my age, it’s always the subject of conversation with me and all my friends."

The first episode asks, Should I Have Kids?

"It’s a really interesting one," Emily says. "It’s a question I think most girls my age are asking themselves, should I be thinking about having kids now, because I’m 29 and it kind of means I should be thinking about my little eggs and if they are still nice and poached, poaching away in there, or are they scrambled? Am I completely screwed because I’ve waited too late?

"If I’m not even close to getting married now, what does that mean for my future with children? What does that mean for my little eggs because what we’re taught is your biological clock is ticking and that’s not just a phrase, that’s completely true and should I have my eggs frozen in that case because I’m not on the road to marriage at all?


"I’m worrying that I’ll get to 32, still not anywhere close to having kids, so is 29 the kind of age you should really start thinking about it when I still feel like a baby now."

Emily Atack: Adulting begins Wednesday, June 26 at 10PM.

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