Trigonometry start date and cast from new BBC Two series

Trigonometry air date and cast

Trigonometry is the brand new drama currently airing on BBC Two.


From the cast to when to watch – here’s all you need to know about the new series.

Eight part series Trigonometry is a love story about three people who are made for each other, written by Duncan Macmillan and Effie Woods in their first joint television project.

Trigonometry air date

Trigonometry started on Sunday night, March 15 at 10PM on BBC Two with a double bill.

Episodes are now continuing weekly on Sundays at 10PM.

You can watch episodes online and catch up via the BBC iPlayer here.

Trigonometry cast

The cast will be led by Gary Carr (The Deuce, The Good Fight), Ariane Labed (The Lobster, Attenberg) and Thalissa Teixeira (The Musketeers, Press).


Further cast include Rebecca Humphries (Big Bad World, Morgana Robinson’s The Agency), Isabella Laughland (Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Lewis), Ambreen Razia (Murdered By My Father) and Anne Consigny (Elle).

In crowded and expensive London, cash-strapped couple Gemma (Teixeira) and Kieran (Carr) open their small apartment to a third person. Somehow, their new addition, Ray (Labed), makes the flat seem bigger, not smaller. Gradually, many things become easier, nicer and better with an extra pair of hands.

A synopsis of the show teases: “Trigonometry has emotional and psychological truthfulness at its heart. Funny and full of sexual tension, Gemma and Kieran have everything to lose. As this unusual relationship becomes unavoidable, the trio approach it with the prudence of people in their 30s.

“Is it possible to love in a different way? But even when common sense, friends and family are telling them that this complicated relationship is doomed, Gemma, Kieran and Ray simply can’t be apart…”

Trigonometry spoilers

In the opening episode (March 15) we meet accomplished chef Gemma and her paramedic boyfriend Kieran who live together in West London above Gemma’s café. Kieran and Gemma are madly in love. But unfortunately, love alone can’t pay café suppliers, or London rent.

The pair are barely making ends meet, and their different shift patterns mean they’re like ships in the night. To ease some financial pressure, they’ve decided to take in a lodger.

Enter Ray – a former world-class synchronised swimmer, whose arrival with a Volvo full of baggage commences a modern-day love story that will change the trio’s lives – and how they view relationships – forever.

This week (March 22), Gemma and Kieran set a date for their wedding, while the trio find a rhythm of living together and making each other’s lives better.

Ray helps Kieran with his physical recovery and he inspires her to get back in the water. Meanwhile, Gemma finds that two hands are better than one when Ray helps out in an increasingly busy Ampersand Café.


The trio have never been happier together, but as Kieran and Gemma’s wedding draws closer, Ray begins to wonder where she fits in.

Trigonometry airs on BBC Two on Sunday nights from March 15.

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