Tonight’s Love Island spoilers as heart rate challenge returns

Love Island girls in the heart rate challenge
Love Island girls in the heart rate challenge

In tonight’s Love Island, exes Callum and Molly surprise their fellow Islanders by teaming up for a breakfast double date, while the Villa’s excitement peaks with the All Star Heart Rate Challenge.

In the latest episode, exes Callum and Molly unite in the kitchen to prepare a morning feast for their new interests, Jess and Tom, in the Villa.

The collaborative effort raises eyebrows and sparks curiosity among their fellow Islanders, leading to a mix of amusement and speculation about the dynamics of this former couple now cooking together for others.

Reflecting on the unexpected situation, Callum shares: “Who would have thought we’d be making breakfast not for each other, but someone else…”

Molly & Callum
Molly & Callum

As they enjoy the french toast, Callum teases Tom, questioning: “I bet you thought when you come in the kitchen what are them two doing together?”

Have Callum and Molly truly put their past relationship behind them, or are there still unexpected twists to come in their story?

The All Star Heart Rate Challenge sets pulses racing in the Villa

Later, the Villa is charged with anticipation as the Islanders prepare for the much-anticipated All Star Heart Rate Challenge.

The excitement kicks off with a text to Josh, announcing: “Islanders, tonight you will get each other’s pulses racing in the All Star Heart Rate Challenge #ForbiddenRizzOnFire #DontSkipABeat.”

Toby excitedly declares: “It’s the best challenge,” setting the stage for a night of thrilling performances.

Georgia S's outfit in the challenge

The girls, dressed in everything from sexy cowgirls to playboy bunnies, take the lead, confidently approaching the fire pit. Georgia S provocatively asks: “Who’s been naughty then?” as she struts with handcuffs in hand, aiming to captivate the boys.

The boys, not to be outshone, respond with their own array of costumes, transforming into American footballers, cowboys, spacemen, and sexy devils.

After the boys’ performances, Arabella playfully challenges Sophie’s reaction, stating: “If that didn’t turn you on Soph, I don’t know what will!?”

Toby in the challenge
Toby in the challenge

As the results are about to be revealed, the tension mounts, with Georgia S announcing: “The couple who raised each other’s heart rate the least is…”

This leads to a moment of reflection, as Georgia H muses, “So, where do we all go from here then…”

Love Island All Stars continues at 9PM tonight on ITV2 and ITVX.

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