Tonight’s Love Island spoilers as family and friends arrive – love, approval and reservations


A heartwarming surprise awaits the Islanders at the Villa on Love Island 2023 tonight.

A week ahead of the grand final, the family and friends of the remaining couples make a special visit.

Zach and Molly are left speechless as their families arrive on the terrace. Zach is a bit anxious about meeting Molly’s parents. As Zach and Molly spend time catching up with their families, Molly’s dad requests a private chat with Zach.

Molly and her family
Love Island: SR10: Ep48 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Molly and her family ©ITV Plc

Ella B’s mum Joanne and best friend Caz, along with Mitch’s mum Debbie and dad Martyn, arrive next. Mitch spends time with his parents, and they express their approval of Ella B, stating that they have seen her true self and find her lovely.

Meanwhile, Ella B talks about her journey with Mitch to her mum and best friend, and they agree that he didn’t handle some situations well. The families then come together, and Mitch’s mum has a candid chat with Ella B.

Ella B and her family
Love Island: SR10: Ep48 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Ella B and her family ©ITV Plc

Whitney and Lochan’s families also visit the Villa. Whitney’s mum admires Lochan, calling him real, while Lochan’s mum praises Whitney for her strength, confidence, and ambition. Whitney’s sister asks her if they are “closed off,” to which Whitney denies. However, her sister pulls Lochan aside for a private conversation.

Abi’s parents, Jill and Chris, arrive with Scott’s mum Kim and sister Steph. Abi opens up to her parents about her concerns with Scott, feeling that he is not affectionate and might not like her. Her parents reassure her that he cares for her deeply.

Abi and her family
Love Island: SR10: Ep48 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Abi and her family ©ITV Plc

Meanwhile, Scott expresses his doubts about the relationship to his family. Speaking to his mum and sister, Scott says: “There’s something not there at the moment.”

Jess’s mum Sarah and step-dad Graham, along with Sammy’s mum Emma and dad Martin, also pay a visit. Sammy’s mum praises Jess: “She’s lovely. I think she’s great.” Jess and Sammy share the news of their relationship with their families.

Ella and her family
Love Island: SR10: Ep48 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Ella and her family ©ITV Plc

Jess is curious about her friends’ opinions of Sammy with her mum revealing: “Jess’s mum says: “I’m not really sure at the moment.”

Lastly, Ella’s mum Maggie and sister Monica, accompanied by Tyrique’s mum Jaime and brother Mehki, enter the Villa. Tyrique’s mum thinks Ella is lovely and calls them a “power couple.”

Ella discusses Casa Amor with her mum and sister, and they agree that Tyrique needed to see that. Tyrique then meets Ella’s family, and his mum playfully asks if they need to get a wedding hat, hinting at the possibility of a future together.

Love Island 2023 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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