Tonight’s Big Brother spoilers as three housemates face shock eviction


An earth-shattering Halloween twist will send shock waves through the Big Brother house tonight.

One unsuspecting housemate, chosen at random, will be summoned to the Diary Room, only to find out they’ve been handed an evil secret mission.

This housemate, now ‘possessed’ by this new power, must then select an accomplice to aid them.



As the clock strikes the early hours, the chosen pair, under Big Brother’s directives, must stealthily navigate their way to the bathroom. But this is no ordinary bathroom visit.

A secret passage will emerge, and upon entering, they will be faced with a daunting task: they must single out three housemates for ‘Cursed Nominations’. This means an immediate face-off with the public vote for the three unlucky nominees.

These three housemates will grapple with the possibility of eviction in a rapid-fire vote at the end of tonight’s episode. The eviction results, sure to be a jaw-dropper, will air in tomorrow night’s episode.

Who wields this powerful secret? And whom will they nominate to bear the brunt of the cursed nominations?

All the haunting details will be unveiled in tonight’s episode.

Meanwhile tonight, for this week’s Big Brother Halloween shopping task, former housemates have made an eerie reappearance.

Manifesting as ghosts, the three evicted housemates come back from the ‘beyond’ to deliver some cryptic messages that left the current housemates both bewildered and intrigued.

Farida shocks the group with her appearance, telling the group: “Housemates beware. Someone is manipulating the younger housemates who are following them like sheep.”

Farida returns to the Big Brother house

The room is rife with whispers and knowing glances.

Dylan, quick on his feet, interjects, “We all know who she’s talking about, let’s not be silly,” hinting that the message might be aimed at Kerry.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

AJ Odudu will then front spin-off show Late & Live from 10PM giving an insight into the latest house goings on ahead of the eviction results in Tuesday’s show.

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