Tonight’s Big Brother spoilers as Paul and Trish come to blows

There’s more drama on tonight’s Big Brother as Paul and Trish come to blows.

In this evening’s episode (22 October), we see all the action from the house over the weekend.

On Saturday, Big Brother gives Trish the responsibility of leading a house meeting and determining its topics.


As everyone settles around the dining table, Trish states they will delve into discussions about food, genuine behaviour, and being mindful of others.

Addressing the importance of mindfulness towards others, Trish expresses her displeasure over the nocturnal disruptions in the bedroom, making it clear that her intention in joining the House was to find some peace and sleep.

Paul, however, disagrees with Trish’s sentiments, responding: “Can I just say, you haven’t come to a luxury holiday resort, you’ve come to the Big Brother House and this is what’s going to happen.”

“I don’t go to bed at home til about three in the morning and I am a hyperactive person. I’m not going to just go to bed early and if you can’t handle that then you’re in the wrong place.”


Continuing his stance, he states: “Nobody’s got any hierarchy apart from Big Brother.”

And Paul concludes: “So, if you want to tell me what to do, I’ll purposefully not do it.”

Elsewhere tonight, there’s an awkward exchange between friends for Matty and Jordan.

The pair’s bond seems to be deepening, evident from their playful and seemingly flirtatious interactions.

At times, Matty seems uncertain about the direction of their relationship and later poses a question to Jordan, asking, “Do we need to have a serious conversation?”


Meanwhile, Sunday’s episode also sees the reaction of the eviction crowd chants on Friday after housemates heard shouts of ‘Get Kerry Out’.

The group are left questioning Kerry while she tearfully confides in Big Brother in the Diary Room.

Big Brother continues at 9PM tonight on ITV2 and ITVX.

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