Tonight’s Big Brother spoilers as HUGE twist set to shake the house


A big twist is set to surprise the Big Brother housemates this Halloween.

Tonight’s latest episode begins with the housemates presented by an opportunity to clinch luxury items from Big Brother’s prize dispenser.

The catch? They must voice their genuine feelings.

AJ and Will host Big Brother

Growing increasingly irked, Olivia doesn’t hesitate to voice her displeasure with Dylan’s bathroom habits. She cries: “Dylan needs to put the toilet seat down! It’s rude and it’s disgusting.“

Dylan, on the other hand, is palpably stressed about the kitchen duties. He complains: “If you don’t like my cooking, and you don’t like my spicy beans then you’re going to have to get the ****** up and cook the food yourselves” he exclaims into the machine. “But you’re gonna have to cook it for all sixteen people.”

Meanwhile, Yinrun complains about the amount of swearing in the house, crying out: “Where are your manners?!”

However housemates are unaware that Big Brother has a further huge twist up his sleeve with the atmosphere about to take a hair-raising turn.

Big Brother’s spine-chilling Halloween surprise will soon possess one housemate, granting them the uncanny power to alter another’s destiny.

Exactly what Big Brother has planned is to be revealed – watch this space!

Elsewhere tonight, caught in the curious gaze of their housemates, Jordan and Henry find themselves answering questions about their blossoming bond.

“You would never actually get together would you?” Olivia asks.

Jordan, with a hint of mischief, retorts: “Of course we would”

Jordan and Henry

“Do you fancy each other? Olivia nudges further. In response, Jordan tenderly places a kiss on Henry’s forehead.

Later on and Jordan and Henry get even closer in the oddest of places.

In a poor attempt to escape the gaze of the cameras, the pair share an affectionate moment away from the prying eyes of their peers, under the kitchen table.

But while it turns out Big Brother may not quite see all, Big Brother certainly hears all…

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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