Jordan and Henry caught sharing secret kiss on Big Brother

Jordan and Henry share a covert kiss in tonight’s Big Brother.

In this evening’s episode, fellow housemates corner Jordan and Henry, eager to get the scoop on the dynamics between them.

Olivia teases the pair: You would never actually get together would you?”


Jordan responds. “Of course we would.”

Olivia pushes on, “Do you fancy each other?” Just then, Jordan tenderly kisses Henry on the forehead

Olivia reacts: “Oh I just got wet!”

Later, away from prying eyes, Jordan and Henry share more intimate moments under the kitchen table.

And while the cameras might not be able to see what happened, it appears the microphones certainly heard…

Elsewhere in tonight’s show, to secure luxury rewards from Big Brother’s prize dispenser, housemates must voice their true feelings.

Unable to contain her irritation any longer, Olivia vents her frustration about Dylan’s bathroom habits.

She screams: “Dylan needs to put the toilet seat down! It’s rude and it’s disgusting.”

Meanwhile, an unhappy Yinrun complains about the housemates’ language.

She rants: “I’ve heard more swear words in ten minutes in this house than ten months I’ve lived in Harrogate. Where are your manners people?”

Tonight’s episode also sees the latest reaction to Friday night’s eviction.

It was Hallie who got the boot after facing Trish and Dylan in the public vote.

After Hallie departed, Olivia reacted: “I had convinced myself it wasn’t going to happen.”

Kerry added: “It’s going to be more boring without her”.

In the Diary Room, Olivia says: “I’m speechless and that doesn’t happen often. It’s just weird, that’s the first time like an eviction actually hit me.

“It’s just going to be so quiet and weird she was my partner in crime. She was my little sister.”

Big Brother 2023 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX. Be sure to catch spin-off show Late & Live straight after before live feed from the house at 11PM.

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